LTD Commodities Perks

Through LTD Commodities Perks, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and deals across more than 1,000 retailers, including LTD Commodities Premier Brands. When you shop via the internet, by phone, or by mail, you’ll save more money on your favorite items when you shop at your favorite retailers.


By becoming a member of LTD Commodities Perks, you can get 10% off every purchase you make online, by phone, and by mail. Get 5% back on your purchases at 1,000 retailers online, in stores, over the phone, and by mail. That includes national chains, niche websites, and more. Most shipping charges and return shipping charges are eliminated.

Benefits Of LTD Commodities Perks

  • You will receive a 10% discount on purchases with premier brands. To make your purchase, log in to, select “Shop” from the navigation menu, and then click the “Shop Premier Brands” link. You can complete your purchase by clicking through the links on this page to the Premier Brand website. The 10% back will be automatically applied to your Savings.
  • When you shop with marketplace retailers, you will receive 5% back as a member. This 5% is based on the order amount (less taxes and fees). You will receive a check in the form of a credit to your Savings account.


  • Furthermore, you may claim an unlimited number of shipping rebates on your Premier purchases, as well as $10 per order and $500 per membership year on your Marketplace purchases. You can receive up to $10 off per order and $500 off per membership year on return shipping charges, anywhere and anytime.
  • Through the program, you earn savings that are deposited into your Savings page and mailed to you in the form of a check. When your savings balance is $10 or more on the 15th of a month, we will mail you a check in $10 increments. If your remaining balance is less than $10, it will be kept in your savings until you again reach the $10 mark.