LTD Commodities offers affordable products to its customers. Their primary goal is to provide quality goods at a low price. Their official website is www.ltdcommodities.com, where you can place your orders. Creating an account is required before accessing the site. You can access several features on the LTD Commodities websites.


Features Offered By LTDCommodities.com

  • You can use Product Notes to keep track of what you ordered and why. Whenever you place a large group order, you can use this feature to note who ordered what, who paid, and more. With the website or the Quick Order Form, you can add notes that will stay with your items in the shopping cart, order status, and order confirmation.
  • Keeping your most frequently utilized addresses in the Address Book is a great idea. The app stores up to 10 shipping/gift addresses and up to 10 billing addresses. Log in to Your Account and click the Address Book link to locate your Address Book to add or change addresses. During checkout, you can edit or add addresses to your address book.


  • Logging into Your Account allows you to update your account information at any time. You can update your address and personal information in Your Account and manage your gift addresses and email preferences.
  • In addition, you can submit product reviews based on products you have already received. An email will be sent to you within 2 business days notifying you when your review will be posted or if any additional information or modifications need to be added.
  • You can easily purchase your favorite items later by adding them to your shopping cart. The items that remain in stock will be saved in your shopping cart for 30 days so that you can browse them later.

Please contact their Website Accessibility Line at 833-318-6294 or email them at [email protected] if you are having trouble accessing any part of the website.