Ltd Commodities’ merchandising staff is constantly searching overseas for exceptional products at low prices to exceed their customers’ expectations. As they are based out of Chicago and have a state-of-the-art distribution center in America’s heartland, as well as award-winning customer support centers, they can offer not only fantastic products but also excellent service to their ever-growing customer base.


As part of the registration process with LTD Commodities LLC, we collect your email address. Through this email address, we communicate with you about your account. Your email address will not be given to anyone else.

LTD Commodities has been providing customers with high-quality goods at an affordable price for over 50 years. LTD Family of Brands began as a small mail-order business and has since become one of the nation’s premier catalog and online merchandisers.

A text message will be sent to you when your order ships from LTD Commodities. There will be a link to the order status in the text message so that you can review additional information about your order. Depending on how many packages are sent to fulfill your order and how many orders you place, you will receive multiple texts.


Using an electronic check, Pay Online lets you pay for your shipped orders quickly, easily, and without service fees. You can make a payment to Your Account right now. There is a possibility that your payment will appear in your LTD Commodities account the next day. The following days are not considered post-days: paydays, weekends, and holidays. Transactions will be processed the next business day.

A free gift catalog published by LTD Commodities, formerly known as ABC Distributing. This catalog offers a wide selection of low-priced gifts for everyone on your list. The gifts you will find in the catalog are home goods, apparel, collectibles, electronics, jewelry, stationery, sporting goods, and more.